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We collect, monitor and provide information on currencies and financial markets. We have 24 hours coverage through contacts to leading experts in the main financial centres around the world.

We have extensive and reliable knowledge of emerging market and frontier currencies and we are proud to offer the highest level of specialist guidance and advice.

We offer cash management and funds transfer solutions for frontier currencies from all over the world, we provide information on official regulations and requirements, procedures and agents to minimise transaction costs.

Our clients receive insight and information regularly, we help them to improve their trading and sales performance. We help them identify risks involved in their investment and to find suitable hedging solutions.

We deliver expert advice on trading and sales strategy, financial products, front and back office structures and personnel. We provide training for staff members assessing their market knowledge, efficiency, commercial approach and performance.

We evaluate and improve front office IT systems, automated trading solutions, online trading and third party platforms and e-commerce pricing.

For foreign companies and individuals we provide knowledge on UK regulations and commercial practice: advising on authorisation, legal, compliance requirements and process, budget and taxation in the United Kingdom. We also offer representation, physical address, secretary and mailbox services.

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