So how do we invest these days?

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We live in a world of information and globalisation with all of us having access to so many business opportunities. There are almost no limits anymore how to invest our wealth, effort and talent. There is a vast flow of information and we can get connected with billions of people instantly. Average people can run businesses, control assets, own properties worldwide or do foreign exchange trades for millions of dollars from their iPhone.

But there are some old rules of investment that haven’t changed. There will be always risks involved, we still need to make good decisions and avoid bad ones. There is no guarantee for success but a good advice from the right person could make the difference!

I have experienced investment banking at the highest level in an environment where success is a basic everyday task. I have learned very well how to filter all that information. I know that we all keep searching and trying really hard, we keep looking for the next big thing and for the opportunity to come. And sometimes we just succeed and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Oaks Investment limited was founded in Epsom on 2 April 2013. Without a doubt there is a growing need in this world for small private consultancy firms and a more personal and honest way of conducting business. Let us offer our services to you! Let us give you something and see how you benefit from it! We will share our ideas, information and knowledge with you and we will present an investment opportunity worth to consider!

Tamás Balog


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